10 Mysterious And Creepy Events On Mount Everest

Everest. Just say the name, and your mind is likely to conjure all sorts of images and tales from this beast of a mountain’s relatively short, yet utterly fascinating and often controversial, history. From the glorious first ascent of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to the tragic end met by so many of those who’ve sought to scale the planet’s highest peak, the narrative of “Chomolungma” is one packed with mystery and intrigue.

Not only has this 8,848-meter (29,029 ft) giant attracted some of the nuttiest, most impassioned, and daring adventurers the world has ever known (and perhaps even the odd ghost and Yeti) but it has also borne witness to some of the strangest, most inexplicable, and haunting events in mountaineering history. Below, we take you through ten of the most baffling and unexplained mysteries to have graced the planet’s loftiest peak since the first European expeditions there thrust the mountain into the international spotlight in the early 20th century.

1The 2017 ‘Deaths’ That Never Were

On May 22, 2017, reports reached Everest Base Camp of four corpses found in a tent at Camp Four (7,950 meters [26,082 ft] ). The ill-fated climbers were presumed to have died from altitude sickness and were discovered by a team sent up the mountain to retrieve the body of a Slovakian climber who had perished on his ascent three days earlier. When it later transpired that none of the climbing agencies on the mountain were missing any climbers—or at least had none that were unaccounted for—confusion arose as to who the four climbers might have been.

As news sources worldwide reported the tragedy, the Nepalese tourism ministry spoke out and revealed that they thought the bodies to be those of climbers from one of the previous year’s expeditions, only for matters to be further complicated when it was discovered that none of these had reported any unaccounted-for climbers, either. The case remains open and just another of the manifold mysteries to have befallen Earth’s highest and most mysterious mountain.

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